Katie Chapmon MS, RD

Katie Chapmon MS, RD Katie Chapmon MS, RD
Availability: Now Accepting New Patients, Tele-Health Only

I’m passionate about nutritional transformation through the mind/body connection. In supporting you and your goals, I provide a safe and compassionate space to explore how we relate to food, all with a highly personalized approach. A thorough nutritional assessment includes getting to know each patient as a unique individual and discovering the best path towards making peace with food and with the body.

Some things that we may work on together:

Individualized nutritional needs assessment & plan with on-going support

Nutrition and lifestyle guidelines pre and post bariatric surgery: achieving your health goals for the long run

Addressing Gastrointestinal issues (IBS, SIBO) with the healing power of nutrition

Collaboratively creating a balanced nutritional picture with you to meet your needs

Hormonal Health (PCOS, Endometriosis)

Lifestyle Focused Weight Management

Professional recommendations on supplementation

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