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Thanks for your interest in As you know, our website is a place for Bariatric patients and professionals to connect exploring the many aspects of the Bariatric Journey. The goal of this Blog is to provide helpful information to both patients and professionals who utilize The current topics available are Trauma and Obesity, Bariatric Assessments and Counseling, Bariatrics and Pregnancy, Obesity and Physical Fitness, Obesity and Nutrition

If you’d like to write on one of the above topics or propose a new blog, please complete the form below to submit proposals. Not only will this assist in bringing awareness to but can also be used as a platform for marketing your skills. All submissions are non-paid. blogs

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Are you a Doctor, Clinician, Personal Trainer, Dietician or Mental health expert, or writer who has a great idea for a new If so we definitely want to hear from you.

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